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Welcome to the Kete community

Kete is a community devoted to New Zealand books. Kete brings reviews of books to readers all over Aotearoa, in print and online. We publish regular book reviews by leading reviewers, support the latest books and provide information about major events and news in the book sector. Kete is a one-stop shop for readers to catch up with what’s happening in books in Aotearoa.

Our philosophy

at Kete Kete is an initiative of the Coalition for Books and began with support from Creative New Zealand. The Coalition for Books is a collaborative organisation that aims to raise the profile of local books and authors by working with existing organisations to develop initiatives and create opportunities that serve the authors, publishers, booksellers, festivals and other organisations that make up the literary eco-system of Aotearoa.

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When you connect with Kete, you reach a nation of booklovers.

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