Ski Bum

by Sam Masters

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This book comes from a parallel universe where everyone is friends on a powder day. A utopia where it makes perfect sense to be hopelessly addicted to something that falls out of the sky. A world where the truth never stands in the way of a good line... This is Ski Bum: shocking tales from the interplanetary snow bohemians and dedicated powder fiends propping up the bar in your local ski resort. Their stories veer between the most profound of human experiences and soap opera with skis on. This is the tragicomedy of life above the snowline: sex, death, and drama - all while praying for pow.There is only one suitable backdrop for the titanic trials and triumphs of the ski-bum lifestyle: a curated collection of the world's best ski photography.

About the Author

Sam Masters published The Story of New Zealand Freeskiing in 2021, to widespread critical acclaim, in the Masters family. The success of this globally-unique history prompted him to write Ski Bum - a love letter to the sport/religion/vocation/lifestyle/job of being a ski bum. Sam has chased snow his entire life; across ten countries, 78 winters, and hundreds of ski resorts. To feed his powder addiction, Sam has worked as a dishwasher, cutlery polisher, half-pipe shaper, ski technician, boot monkey, tour guide, snow shoveller, and journalist. A former editor of Powderhound ski magazine, Sam has published hundreds of articles in the global snowsports media. Sam wrote, filmed, produced and anchored The Mayhem Tour - a snowsports TV show and webzine (that's really what they called it in the early noughties). Sam edits the historical/satirical ski mag, Fat Cantab. Ski Bum is Sam's second book.

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