Nothing Significant To Report

by Dario Nustrini

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Laugh-out-loud yarns from a soldier in the New Zealand Army

When new recruit Dario Nustrini's head was freshly shaved in preparation for the army, he knew nothing about what training to fight, kill and die for New Zealand would look like. Since leaving leaving high school the year before, he had been on a steady diet of spliffs, Speights and the occasional sandwich from the cafe he worked at as a waiter. He weighed about as much as an empty pillowcase, with slightly less insulation from the cold.

Nothing Significant to Report is the brilliantly entertaining and unvarnished truth of what life is like in the New Zealand Army. From back-breaking exercises designed to make recruits spit the dummy to roleplaying in an SAS manhunt and accidentally starting a rubbish fire in a military compound, these are self-deprecating tales of misfits, mischief and camaraderie.

When Dario is deployed to war-torn Iraq, what will he think of the role he has spent five years preparing for?

About the Author

In 2011 Dario Nustrini joined the New Zealand Army and became an Electronic Warfare Operator, serving six years across multiple international training exercises and an operational deployment to Iraq in support of eliminating the threat posed by ISIS in 2016. In 2017 he left the army and studied creative writing at the University of Auckland. Today he is a freelance TV writer, as well as writing short stories and this, his first book of nonfiction.

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