What’s in our Kete? A guide to navigating our new site

Welcome to our new home! We’re excited to be here. It’s been a big renovation, a few things look quite different (beyond our flax green decor) and so we thought we’d put together a user guide, especially for those readers who were familiar with the old furniture.

Welcome to Kete Reviews Page

As on the previous Kete we have a reviews page dedicated to books by authors from Aotearoa and this is the place to find all our regular review content.

We’re still working to bring some of the older content over from the previous site, so, if there’s a review you’re looking for and can’t find, try the search function (if it was for a review that examined multiple titles take a look too on the reading lists page – some of our multiple title reviews are now housed here). If you still can’t find it, drop us a line and we’ll take a look. The previous site was home to thousands of articles so it will take us a little while more to migrate everything here.

To find out more about a book from a review, click the ‘view the book’ button at the foot of the article, it’ll direct you to the book’s listing on Kete and from here you can take a look at BookHub and PaperPlus, as well as ebook and audiobook options if you’re considering the serious matter of book ownership.

The Weekly Aotearoa Bestsellers List
The latest Aotearoa Bestsellers List has a permanent place on the home page. Scroll down, you’ll find it under the new books carousel. You can also find a button connecting you to it at the top of the reading lists page.

Welcome to the New Kete - new books carousel

New Books Carousel
Scroll the homepage to find this brand new feature. The carousel automatically updates each week with the latest newly released books (magic)!

Reading Lists
This is a new feature, and one we’re quite excited about. Again, there are a few things here that were on different pages on the old site. It’s a great place to find collections of books and to get reading ideas. These lists are more curated than the book categories section (more below) which is a way to find New Zealand books in particular genres or categories.

The reading lists page is also home to the monthly Aotearoa Children’s Junior Fiction and YA bestsellers list.

Welcome to the new Kete - Reading Lists 2

Book Categories
This section is a great way to find New Zealand books in a specific subject area, or in a particular literary genre.

News and Events
Click through to the Kete calendar and book news with articles about goings on in Aotearoa’s book world, awards, prizes, festival line-up announcements, and more!

Three types of feature are housed here:

  1. Interviews – Kete interviews with New Zealand authors, illustrators, designers and other bookish types;

  2. Extracts – on the previous site these sat alongside reviews but the good news is that in our new Kete, the have their own section, take a look here to sample new books;

  3. Listen – this section houses two distinct (but related) things:
    i) our audiobook reviews (written articles which consider the listening experience offered by indiviudal audiobooks) and

    ii) features you can listen to. Kete has a content sharing arrangement with RNZ and this section houses content for your ears from RNZ including book reviews and authors inteviews.

Welcome to the New Kete - articles

Don’t forget to scroll the homepage for new weekly feature articles, the magic of the new books carousel, the Kete calendar, the latest reviews, interviews and extracts and listening material, as well as a curated children’s books section.

We love the new Kete and we hope you feel at home here too. Look around, settle in, read, listen, and find your new favourite book!